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Wax Sachets - Christmas Edition (Lavender)

per 5 piece

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Introducing our Wax Sachets, an irresistible addition to your home fragrance collection. These sachets are filled with premium scented wax, ready to release a burst of heavenly aroma wherever you place them. From your wardrobe to your closet, these sachets can be used in various spots to deliver a long-lasting fragrance. 

Our Wax Sachets are not only delightful to smell, but they also add a decorative touch to any room in your home. Their sleek and compact design makes them easy to place in small spaces without compromising on their powerful scent.

Say goodbye to overpowering, synthetic fragrances and embrace the natural and invigorating scents of our Wax Sachets. Order yourself a set today and immerse your home in a rejuvenating aroma.



Weight: Each tablet weights 30 gms

Wax: 100% Natural Premium Soy Wax

Fragrance: Lavender



Each tablet comes packed in a Muslin pouch. Use the tablet with pouch to place it anywhere in the house. Do not leave the tablet in direct sunlight or hot temperatures as the wax can melt.

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